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With the slogan "Explore the Deep and Shallow", HOT Sports + Toys is importer of our own brand Shallow. With the Shallow brand, we can offer you all kinds of diving equipment, such as: swimming goggles, masks and snorkels. Furthermore, we are also importer of the brand Seacsub, with a wide range of diving items such as swimming goggles, diving masks, snorkels, fins, vests, diving suits and diving sets.

Duikmask.EXTREME Blauw/Transp.SILIC.Seac :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 35939b
Duikmask.EXTREME Blauw/Transp.SILIC.Seac :: Seac-Sub..
Duikmasker SMART Blauw Tr.Silicone Shallow :: Shallow
Articlenumber: 35416b
Divingmask SMART Blue Transp.Silicone ShallowDive Mask SMART Silicone. Junior size. Mask transparant silicone-rubber with double seal. Frame transparent blue plastic. Lens of tempered safety gla..
Duik-SET SMART Blauw tr.SILICONE Shallow :: Shallow
Articlenumber: 35415b
Diving-SET SMART Blue tr.SILICONE ShallowDiving Set SMART Silicone. Size Junior. Mask of transparant silicone rubber with double seal and lens made of hardened/tempered safety-glass. Frame mad..
Zwemvlies MURENA 44-45 blauw/zw Salvas :: Salvas
Articlenumber: 36458b
Swimfins Murena! 44-45 blue/black SalvasSwimfins Murena! Blue. With black foot. Size: 44 - 45. Salvas. :: Salvas..
Duik Piranha met LED kunststof :: HOT Sports + Toys
Articlenumber: 369255
Diving - Piranha with LED lightingDiving - Piranha with LED lighting. Plastic. Gives light as soon as it hits the water. 3 colors assorted. Blue, Green, Orange. Per piece available. 4 x 3 colors i..
Duikpak SeaTeam 7mm. longjohn maat S :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 371802
Duikpak SeaTeam 7mm. longjohn maat S :: Seac-Sub..
Duikpak SeaTeam 5mm. Shorty. Maat Lt :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 372516
Duikpak SeaTeam 5mm. Shorty. Maat Lt :: Seac-Sub..
Loodgordel Gesp, Metaal :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 369991
Weight belt buckle, MetalWeight belt buckle, Metal :: Seac-Sub..
Duikautomaat Mondstuk Zwart Silicone :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 37236n
Duikautomaat Mondstuk Zwart Silicone :: Seac-Sub..
Duikautomaat Mondstuk Transparant Silicone Seac :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 37236s
Duikautomaat Mondstuk Transparant Silicone Seac :: Seac-Sub..
Badmuts silicone effen merk WATERFLY\r* levertijd onbekend * :: Waterfly
Articlenumber: 361051
Badmuts silicone effen merk WATERFLY * deliverytime unknown * :: Waterfly..
Snorkel Piccolo Jr.Fuxia/Tr.model Z.Seac :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 36233f
Snorkel Piccolo Jr.Fuxia/Tr.model Z.SeacSnorkel Piccolo fuchsia. Junior snorkel. :: Seac-Sub..
Snorkel Medium Roze SILTRA Seac :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 36213f
Snorkel Medium Roze SILTRA Seac :: Seac-Sub..
Snorkel Piccolo Jr.Blauw/Tr.model Z.Seac :: Seac-Sub
Articlenumber: 36233b
Snorkel Piccolo Jr.Blue/Transmodel SeacSnorkel Piccolo blue. Junior snorkel with siltra mouthipece. :: Seac-Sub..
Neopreen Opduikstokjes 3 op blister :: HOT Sports + Toys
Articlenumber: 369342
Neopreen Diving sticks 3 on blisterNeoprene Divingsticks. 120 grams per piece. 19 cm long 1,3 cm thick. Cobalt,Orange en Black. Packed per 3 on blister. :: HOT Sports + Toys..
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